Entering the 21st Century

Tetsy Lazy-BonesMisha Lazy-BonesChloe Lazy-BonesPaco Lazy-Bones

While the dogs are taking the lazy route (Paco and Misha are lying on the floor, Chloe is on a palace of 3 dog beds and Tetsy is asleep in the bedroom-they had a full day of sleeping and eating…) I am busy trying to prepare for a sprint tri next weekend and am also involved in an even more daunting task: bringing MoJo’s Backyard into the 21st Century…

Although the rest of the world has been hustling and bustling into the computer age for several decades, MoJo’s has been resisting tooth and nail. We still do everything the paper way. And while a paper trail definitely makes for better records, it also makes for very inefficient time management. Here is the ordinary check-in and check-out procedure:

Dog comes in.

Write dog name and time on the Daily Roll Call Log.

Find the dog’s Transaction Log in the ABC files.

Pull file.

Write the date and type of transaction on the Transaction Log.

File the Transaction Log in the Daily Transaction Log Binder.

Dog goes home.

Write time out on the Daily Roll Call Log.

Find Transaction Log in the Daily Transaction Log Binder.

Determine how much to deduct from existing daycare or overnights.

Do the pencil math and determine how many days/overnights left.

Refile in the Daily Transaction Log Binder.

Sound like a lot just to check a dog in and out? What about when money exchanges hands? We have to pull a price sheet; determine the correct amounts; ring it in the register; run the credit card in a different machine; finish up the transaction at the register; and log the Date, Amount, and Transaction Type in BOTH the dog’s Transaction Log and the Yellow Legal Pad for the closing night’s receipts. And there’s Doggie Dough to log if someone purchases from our store! You would never know that working with dogs involves so much paperwork on a daily basis. That’s why I’m on the prowl for a Doggie Daycare Database Software program.

Michelle and I tried out one that seemed like our dream come true. It would handle almost all our needs in one neat and tidy little program (It would even let us download pictures of each dog for their doggie profile!). We hastily moved all the computer gear to the front desk and subscribed to the free 30-day trial. At onset, there were major drawbacks. There was no way to log pre-paid overnights. We couldn’t look up a customer’s balance for them without first ringing in a transaction. And don’t get me started on trying to transfer all the client information from paper to computer. I only tried a couple but Michelle said it took her 4 hours to log just a handful of files! So now I’m researching other programs and thinking that it might just be best to invest the time to develop my own database (but let’s not forget that I’m a computer idiot so this would be a BIG time investment). But somehow, sometime, MoJo’s will be conforming the the technology times…anybody know a good doggie daycare software program?

P.S. Now that we’re on this whole 21st Century kick, MoJo’s will be on Twitter! One of our great clients knows all about this stuff and is patiently teaching a Twitter-ignorant Dawn and Megan how to use this cool tool. We’ll be posting pictures, coupons, doggie up-to-date news and much, much more! Check us out at http://twitter.com/mojos_friends for all the latest and greatest from your MoJo’s friends 😉


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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2 Responses to Entering the 21st Century

  1. dawn says:

    kennelsoft.com give that a try – has a free demo.

    when we only had 30 dogs and i just used index cards it was fun. nothing fun about it any more!!

  2. Ned Campbell says:

    Hi Megan.

    Zoey Sparkleberry’s dad here. I’m glad you are blogging and on Twitter now. I’m an avid fan of Twitter and love the info that you can find there. I sent a tweet this afternoon to my 1,100 followers about taking their dogs to Mojo’s since Zoey endorses the place as the best on the planet.

    Here is a quick link to software programs that might work for you. I smile every time I come into Mojo’s and watch the paperwork fly. Seems like there has to be a way to computerize your system. 🙂


    Ned (Zoey’s dad)

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