The Jibbity Jabber of the Horrible Hound

A 3-mile nose

You know our kind…the kind that talks to their dogs, in high-pitched baby talk, making funny faces, probably to the dismay and general annoyance of the dogs. But Jerritt and I tend to take it one step farther. We have our own dog language. Wait! Don’t go running for the matching his and hers straight-jackets yet! You’ve sampled tastes of our strangeness in previous blogs (remember: “brathole” and “arnold-eyes?”). And you serious DogBlog fans know my fondness for making up new words. So this should come as no surprise to you. But maybe, just sometimes, our doggie-speak gets out of hand. If you were to walk in on one of our conversations, you probably would not know what we were saying or whom we were talking about.

Let me dispense with the nicknames. Misha goes by MeeWee, MeeshyWeeshy, Weeweeweewee, Gigantor Head and MeeWee the VeeBee (don’t ask, it may be a sore subject for a certain doggie dad) among others. Chloe has been known to answer to MooMoo, Moo, Angel of my Eye, C-Hole, Lickasausagerex and Princess of the Seamoomoos. Tetsy is a nickname in of itself because his full name is Tetsuma but he’s also Sweet Little Boy and The Weasel to us. Paco has more ominous names: Bastard-o, Scabbyback, Bad Doggie #1 and my current favorite, Jibbity Jabber.

“Jibbity” comes from the roots “Jib” which means “crazy” and “Ity” which means “to act in a certain manner.” “Jabber” is self explanatory to a certain extent. Paco is a serial jabber. If he sees something new in the house, he must punch it with his nose (after first barking at it, backing away and then running up to it at full force). If Paco wants something, he will jab at it (want of food gets a nose at the food bin or the dog bowls, outside gets a nose at the bells or the door handle, walk gets a nose at the hanging leashes…you get the idea. Although, he does have a tendency to nose at a certain dad’s private parts and I’m not exactly sure what he’s communicating there…). And if Paco is hungry, mad or in a particularly playful mood, he will jab at anything and everything (even his little sister). This is often an impressive display of zooming around in circles, hopping in the air, flailing his legs in all directions and jibbity jabbing couch cushions, pillows, speakers, chairs and, yes, parents.

Although anything is in play when the jibbityness comes out, Paco’s favorites are things that move after jabbing. For instance, when the printer tray is jabbed, it falls back down into its natural and rightful position simultaneously making a “click” sound that is pleasing to Paco’s ears. The full length mirror is propped against the wall so when it is jabbed, it bounces back, amusing Paco with a wobbly image of himself. An open door is a perfect target for a quick jabbing because it playfully comes back at him, just begging for another jab.

I have theorized that Paco has ESP (extra sensory proboscis) which he uses to explore the world around him (I often tell Jerritt that Paco noses stuff to investigate it’s origins and Jerritt retaliated with an equally good hypothesis that he doesn’t see too well so he must touch it with his nose as a kind of doggie sonar) but whatever the cause may be, nothing is safe from Paco’s Jibbity Jabber and that’s exactly how I like it.


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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5 Responses to The Jibbity Jabber of the Horrible Hound

  1. Noturus says:

    HaHa – love those nicknames. My wife does the same thing, but she’s not nearly as prolific as you are. 🙂

  2. dawn says:

    oh paco-taco, i love you. glad you’re still playing & jabbing junk!

  3. Fine! I updated now! I can’t BELIEVE Oreo Cookie is still there!

  4. Gloria Stiltner says:

    I vote for Seeking Shelter from the storm , Jonsey

  5. Libby says:

    Gotta vote for Jonesy seeking shelter from the storm! You keep Sue company, you hear!

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