Tallahassee’s Furry Fall Happenings

devilsh MoJo

“Are you going to blog today?” asked Jerritt this morning while I was still groggy from my pre-coffee, sleep-induced, early-morning haze. “Yeah, I should…” was my retort. Seeing as how it’s been several weeks since I’ve REALLY blogged (I’ve been getting off easy with these Favorite Foto Fridays), I knew that I should blog, yet thinking about trying to write something that people want to read was just a little much for me so early on a Sunday.

“What are you going to blog about?”

“What’s with the 3rd degree?! Where’s my coffee?!”

Okay, so I didn’t really respond that way. My real answer was something like, “I dunno.”

Well, you gotta love when someone starts a conversation that they are ready to finish. His suggestion was that I blog about all the upcoming Tallahassee doggie events. What problem-solving perfection because that is what’s been primarily on my mind of late. October not only has brought us this delightfully cooler weather, but also lots of fun festivals, charitable events and get togethers. I will be in attendance at as many as I can for the purpose of networking and “spreading the MoJo” but you should come to just have a great time and help out some worthwhile causes. Need another reason to get out with your dog? If your dog loves MoJo’s Backyard, then check out some of these silent auctions for the opportunity to get daycare or boarding for your pup at a great price.

Here’s what’s on the calendar for this fall in the Tallahassee area:

Sunday, October 11th: Fall Fever at Railroad Square (1:00-7:00)

-Cost: Free

-Fun: Music, local shops, animal rescue groups. Enjoy Florida’s fall and some great company while you visit with local business owners and non-profits in a fun, festive atmosphere.

-Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115295119037&index=1

-MoJo’s: we’ll hopefully have a table (I’m working on it!) so that I can meet and greet lots of dog lovers. And I just love being at Railroad Square.

Saturday, October 17th: Walk for Paws in Prison at Railroad Square (10:00-1:30)

-Cost: $10 to register for the walk, plus get friends and family to sponsor you!

-Fun: $15 micro chipping, Agility and Search&Rescue demonstrations, silent auction, raffles, fun prizes, music, food

-Website: http://www.pawsinprison.net/fundraising.html

-MoJo’s: we’ve donated a 5-day doggie daycare package to the silent auction. Go get bidding!

Saturday, October 17th: Leon County Humane Society Furball – Pawrates of the Carribean…at tail’s end (6:30-10:00pm)

-Cost: $60 -all proceeds benefit the animals

-Fun: helping homeless animals, food & drinks, music & dancing, silent auction, award ceremony, pirate fun!

-Website: http://www.lchs.info/

-MoJo’s: we’re participating in the silent auction of course! Go get your beloved doggie some MoJo’s fun.

Saturday, October 17th: Bootcamp for a Cure (9:00am)

-Cost: $10 minimum donation

-Fun: get a hard, sweaty workout while helping the Sharon Ewing Breast Health Center at TMH

-Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=146226373111

-MoJo’s: so this isn’t really a dog-related event, but MoJo’s has a long and close relationship with Bootcamp and this is a most worthwhile cause.

Saturday, October 24th: Run, Bike, Swing at Bootcamp Fitness and Training (11:00-12:00)

-Cost: $15 minimum donation

-Fun: running, biking and kettlebell swings? Believe me, you will feel like a new person after one of Bootcamp’s workouts. Once again, make your body stronger while helping other bodies: all proceeds benefit Sharon Ewing Breast Health Center at TMH

-Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=142920499510

-MoJo’s: again, no doggie fun here, but I plan to be there sweating and representing Tallahassee dog lovers!

Sunday, October 25th: Dog-o-ween at Tom Brown Park (Registration at 11:00, Contest at 1:00)

-Cost: Free to watch, entry into costume: $10.00

-Fun: dogs in costume, food, music and lots of animal vendors and rescue groups.

-Website: http://www.mystar98.com/

-MoJo’s: come to our table for info, treat bags and Gentle-Leader demos

Friday, October 30th: Dress-up Picture Day at MoJo’s Backyard

-It’s that time again…you bring your dog for a normal day of daycare and the staff wreaks devious havoc on him or her! That’s right, we love to put Halloween costumes on your pup, take their picture and give you a keepsake worthy of prime real estate on the fridge. What will your dog be this year? A fairy? A witch? Half angel, half devil? Bring us you dogs on the 30th and find out 🙂

Need more dog fun to fill up your time? Kim keeps the best animal-related events calendar around. Go to Tallahassee Pet Resources for all your local pet needs.


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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5 Responses to Tallahassee’s Furry Fall Happenings

  1. dawn says:

    october is the best month…cool weather and cool junk to do around town. thanks for putting this all in one place o’malley. i’m gonna try to attend the bulk of these events with you. yippeeeee!!

  2. Rowland says:

    Love that hounddog, so SAM the Guitar Hero is 1st

  3. Flora Perez says:

    Sam is SOO cute, he get my #1 vote!

  4. Maria Antuna says:

    Copper roots for SAM, he’s the man!

  5. Thomas says:

    SAM is the MAN, he gets my vote!

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