Favorite Foto Friday #12 – The Michael Bay Edition

My favorite photo of the week: Stacey with our weekend Dane, Scooter.

My favorite photo of the week: Stacey with our weekend Dane, Scooter.

Happy Friday-Before-Thanksgiving!

MoJo and I have been bustling about getting ready for the holiday slam. Next week, we’re expecting about 30 of our very best friends for a Turkey-Day sleepover. We’ve all got checklists to finish, blankets to ready and ball-throwing arms to warm up. I’ve even got a special Thanksgiving lunch planned for all the dogs whose parents let them partake: “Who you callin’ Turkey” Patties with Cranberry Topping…yum! (And I’ve yet to get the groceries…). So don’t expect a Fav Foto Fri out of me next week, I’ll be stuffed to the gills and too busy playing with dogs to blog πŸ˜‰

I couldn’t have been happier to see last weeks winner is…drumroll, please…

Maggie! Don’t you love it when the good dogs win? (Well, IMHO, they’re all good dogs…) Though I do love ALL the dogs at MoJo’s Backyard, Maggie is always so happy to see me in the mornings. It never fails to make me smile (and seeing as how I’m not a morning person, this is an incredible feat). And let me differentiate for you: all the dogs that come to MoJo’s are happy when they get here but most are excited because they know they are going to get to play with their dog friends all day. Maggie is genuinely happy to see ME! And I know the difference because when I’m not in the store to greet her, she always finds me in the office and refuses to go to her play area until she’s gotten her kiss and hug from me. I love you, Maggie. And I did not in any way influence the vote.

This week, we’re going to mix it up. I’ve decided it’s time to go techie (is this because Jerritt and I watched Star Trek on Tues…?) and post videos for the vote. Woo hoo! (Get it…Michael Bay…special effects…high tech…?)

The rules are going to be a little different, so pay close attention:

-voting starts as soon as the blog is up. voting ends next Wed (Thanksgiving Eve) at 7:00pm.

-you still only get 1 vote (I know you were hoping) so use it wisely. and tell your friends and family to vote too, I know you’ll be seeing them this week.

-make sure your vote counts by posting a “comment” at the end of the Favorite Foto Friday #12 blog. you must leave your name and your choice #.

-the winning video of this special edition must have at least 10 votes. in the event no video receives 10 votes, everyone will be sad because no one will win. if more than one video receives 10+ votes, the major players in the video (those named in bold) with the most votes get the prize. (and the prize, of course, is a free day of daycare at MoJo’s Backyard – not to be split multiple ways…each dog gets their own free day, silly)

-remember, you don’t have to know the dogs to vote. tis the season for giving, after all!

Here are the videos for your viewing (and voting) pleasure:

#1 Haylee and General

#2 Phoebe and Maggie

#3 (a two-fer!) Saloli and Ozzie + General and Tess


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I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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30 Responses to Favorite Foto Friday #12 – The Michael Bay Edition

  1. JoAnn Chase says:

    I’m voting for video @2 (Phoebe and Maggie). Not just because of the fun Maggie and Phoebe seem to be having, but the actions of the other dogs. While Maggie and Phoebe seem focused on each other, the others seem to be egging them on and, at times, even refereeing.

  2. Jane Rayburn says:

    A vote for #2, Phoebe and Maggie! πŸ™‚

  3. Rebecca Rayburn says:

    Another vote for the magnificent Phobe! Video #2.

  4. Claire Ancheta says:

    Vote for #1. General and Haylee πŸ™‚

  5. Claire Ancheta says:

    Vote for #1, General and Haylee πŸ™‚

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