Turkey Legs & FFF #12 winners!

The Thanksgiving Hunter Gatherer

Thanksgiving has always been my second favorite holiday (after Halloween). Turkey and gravy, stuffing and rolls, potatoes and peas. It’s the only time I can justify the behavior of eating until quite uncomfortable and then, as the pain subsides, going back for more. Even though I don’t eat turkey anymore, I still get all my favorite veggies and have lots of warm and fuzzy memories surrounding Thanksgiving.

One of my favorites has got to be from the second Thanksgiving that Jerritt and I spent together. We were both working at MoJo’s and so couldn’t make it home for the holidays because holidays are our busiest time of year. Instead of rationally cooking a small dinner for two, or more rationally, eating out, we thought it would be a better idea to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner in my tiny studio apartment. Why we thought we could corroborate a turkey, half a dozen sides plus 3 dogs in a kitchen that was barely big enough for one person to turn around in is beyond me. But we managed and once our feast was complete, we sat down on the floor to enjoy.

Let me paint the picture: a studio apartment is not even a one-bedroom, it’s a one-room. The kitchen opens into the living/sleeping area and the only doors belong to the bathroom and the closet (which was thankfully big enough to comfortably house my clothes and the dog crates – wire for the big dogs and a soft-sided, tent-like crate for Chloe). So there’s definitely not room for a dining table. We ate our meals a la carpet.

The dogs had to be crated while food was out because they’re notoriously bad about begging (see previous post). All except Chloe, that is. Chloe got to stay out because 1. she’s only 10lbs 2. she begs politely and 3. she’s queen of the roost. After much eating and having properly made ourselves sick on food, we started the table/floor clean up. We took the first round of dishes to the kitchen and returned (turned around is more accurate) to grab the plates. Now I can’t remember what led me to look into the closet at this exact moment but if I hadn’t I would have missed a giant turkey leg bone being dragged into the mouth of Chloe’s crate. A turkey leg that is at least as long as Chloe if not as big. A crate that had a door flap safely concealing the contents inside. If I had allowed her five more seconds of privacy, I’m sure we wouldn’t have seen Chloe for several hours and I’m sure there wouldn’t have been a crumb of evidence left behind.

So happy eating and many thanks to the dogs that make my life so special. I’m so lucky to have found a place in the world that allows me so many humorous moments and so many slobbery kisses.

And since there won’t be a Favorite Foto Friday this week, I’m going to announce the winners a tad bit early!

It was an incredibly close call this week. Video #2 and #3 both got the minimum votes. Phoebe and Maggie won by the deadline but General & Tess + Saloli & Ozzie got some last minute votes in that pushed them over the edge. Since Thanksgiving has gotten me in the mood of plenty, I announce that this week’s winners are (in no particular order):






and General!

Happy Thanksgiving all and travel safely 🙂


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I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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  1. Kick-ass blogpost, great looking weblog, added it to my favorites!

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