Puppy Love

This morning I said, “Let’s run away to Mexico together.”

Scooter replied, “Sounds great, can my mom come too?”

I answered, “That kinda defeats the purpose of running away…”

And Scooter broke my heart, “Then let’s just keep things the way they are.”

But Scooter does have a good point. Though I have the privilege to be friends with some great dogs, I have the even greater privilege of knowing that they go home to loving parents every night.

Yesterday, Dawn shared an email with me. It was from a shelter employee to all dog breeders. It stated the cold, hard facts about adoption, abandonment, euthanasia, and life at the shelter. It pleaded with breeders to think twice about selling dogs to people who will probably abandon their purebred pup once he becomes a dog or worse, inconvenient. It told tales of woe from someone who’s had to live every day among sadness and death. I told Dawn, I could never work in a shelter but I’m glad there are caring people who can.

Luckily, I’ve landed a happy life at MoJo’s. It’s all tail-wagging and slobber tongues here. I’ve always got a doggie boyfriend and another waiting in the wings. My first doggie boyfriend was Jack, the little black terrier. He used to cry for me and one day he walked up, lifted his leg and peed on my shoe. “You’re mine forever,” his actions seemed to say.

Jack A

My second doggie relationship was a little more mutual. It was with Jedi and he’s the handsomest Doodle you’ll ever meet. Jedi has that I’ve-just-rolled-out-of-bed rumpled look that covers a long, lanky and dorky physique. Just my kinda guy. That is, until I found out he was three timing me with Stacey AND Brandy. One day I over heard them fighting over Jedi and I declared my love for the brown knight but to no avail. I know when I’m beat.


After that came Jackson, the creamiest brown and white Springer Spaniel, and Jack (no relation to the 1st Jack) an Italiano Spinone. Hmmm…I’m just now noticing a “J” pattern. Jackson and I split when he stopped coming to daycare. It was painful, but clean. Jack and I ended after we had a little argument of how Stacey fit into our relationship.



Jack B

My current boyfriend is, you guessed it, Scooter. He’s goofy, loving, gentle and soft. He’s got big, brown eyes and velvety, floppy ears. I have taken to scheduling Stacey so she’s here as little as possible when Scooter stays the weekend because I’ve seen her eying my dog (just kidding, Stacey!). Even though he won’t leave his mom for me, I take pleasure in knowing that I have him the weekends and we spend long hours playing, snuggling and loving.

Scootie Pie

Sometimes I blame MoJo’s for my having so many dogs. Paco and Tetsy were fosters after all. But other times I thank MoJo’s for giving me the chance to love on dogs that I CAN’T take home. I can come to work and play with puppies without the late night potty emergencies. I can play ball with the labs for hours but then go home and rest without having a slobbery tennis ball dropped in my lap. It’s like being a doggie grandmom, lol! So I guess Mexico will have to wait, but we’ll always have MoJo’s.


MoJo’s Oscar Buzz:

It’s Fashion Week at MoJo’s Backyard! We have yet to be graced with any A-listers but we’re hoping the end of the week brings out the trendy hoards. Here’s a little taste of the prize to get your gears going.

Our very own "Rover" award

I’ll be posting updates on our Facebook Page and the winners will be announced Oscar night (this Sunday) here on my blog 🙂


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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1 Response to Puppy Love

  1. Robin Adams says:

    Megan, I swear. You get me every. Single. Time. You really do need to consider writing a book or short stories. Fiction or real life. . . you’re just GOOD.

    And now to go de-program myself and talk myself OUT of getting my own Scooter.

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