Oscar Party

It’s only 2 hours until the Oscars begin and I’m ready with my predictions and popcorn. But it’s not the people that we’re most excited to see cross that famous red-carpet tonight, it’s the dogs.

We had 4 dogs dress for the Fashion Week 2010 but the girls and I dressed up a couple more (how often is there a red carpet in the store?!). I will include those pictures with full commentary, but unfortunately, these dogs will not be in contention for the coveted Rover Statuette.

Your commentators for this night of fame and fashion are Megan and Dawn Rivers:


Megan Rivers: here comes Evie Jolie. Evie! Evie!

Dawn Rivers: hmm…she walked right past us

MR: well, we’ll talk to her later. Dawn, did you see that dress she was wearing? Gorgeous, but absolutely see-through!

DR: you know, if I had a body like Evie’s and a man like Pitt, I’d walk around naked.

MR: say, don’t you have that dress in green?


DR: oh, it’s that wizard boy.

MR: you know, I did love those books and Bisquit brought all that magic to life for me.

DR: mmm…hmmm

MR: how many times do I have to tell you it’s not just a kid’s book?!

DR: at least one more time, Megan, at least one more time.


DR: look how gorrrgeous Grace looks tonight.

MR: I agree, she’s always radiant and her curled hair sets that ensemble off just right.

DR: who do you think made that dress?

MR: I’m not sure, but it looks like it was made just for her, doesn’t it?


DR: Jenny looks so prestigious here tonight.

MR: well, you know she’s been nominated 7 times but has never won.

DR: she’s a winner in my heart for bringing pillbox hats back to the Oscars.


MR: Dawn, is that real fur?

DR: I don’t know, do dogs wear fur?

MR: Dawn, is she smoking a cigar?

DR: sure looks like it, Megan. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it right now, that Dixie is one old spinster of a broad!


MR: Chloe! Chloe! you look beyond beautiful tonight!

Chloe: thank you, Megan.

MR: did you know that Grace came by about 30 minutes ago wearing that same dress?

Chloe: :::silence:::

MR: but, um, you wear it so much better, Chloe

Chloe: thanks, Megan, I’ve got to get to my seat now.


And here come the nominees!

Gatsby Depp

MR: get out of my way, Dawn, here comes Gatsby Depp!

DR: geez, Megan, you didn’t have to push me down. I think I lost an earring…

MR: he’s just so dreamy and handsome and dreamy.

DR: so you think he’s dreamy?

MR: did you say something, Dawn?

Maggie Streep

DR: oh, Maggie is beautiful in pink. You don’t see a lot of pink on the carpet these days.

MR: yes, the girls shy away from it for more jewel-toned glamor

DR: it makes her look so young and fresh!

MR: it does, Dawn, I’m going to start wearing pink every day!

Toby Pitt

DR: Megan, here comes Toby Pitt. I’m moving, don’t knock me over.

MR: I wonder why he didn’t come in with Evie Jolie earlier.

DR: If you believe the gossip, which I always do, he’s probably looking for Jennifer Aniston.

MR: well, I won’t get into that. Dawn, what’s he wearing tonight? It’s too casual.

DR: he’s been here every year for over a decade. Must be tired of the coat and tails.

MR: I have never before seen a baseball cap and camo on Oscar night.

DR: he’s still awfully handsome.

Lady Zoey Gaga

MR: okay, here comes Lady Zoey Gaga. I wonder what crazy outfit she’ll be wearing tonight!

DR: well, she looks paws-itively normal tonight and yowza! check out the jewels!

MR: how much ice do you think she’s wearing, Dawn?

DR: $500,000 if a dime and my bet is the extravagance is all for the sake of another dachshund.

MR: you of course mean Jimmy who we haven’t seen tonight. This should get Jimmy’s attention away from Evie.

DR: I think that’s the point, Megan.


And the Rover goes too…

Here are the winners for Best and Worst Dressed (and remember, it’s the outfits we are judging, not the photography!)

The Rover for Best Dressed Goes to:

Lady Zoey Gaga

she pulled together diamonds, sunglasses and boas for a fashion-forward and red-carpet worthy outfit. Congrats, Zoey!

The Rover for Worst Dressed Goes to:

Toby Pitt

his combination or casual and sporty earned Toby the worst dressed honor of 2010.

Thank you everyone for participating and tuning in! Now it’s time to watch the people stars. Enjoy your Sunday!


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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5 Responses to Oscar Party

  1. dawn says:

    i’m exhausted after that!! ;oD

  2. Zoey says:

    I’m so excited! It’s an honor just to be nominated, I never thought I’d win!

    I have so many people to thank:

    Lindsey, my stylist and tailor who sometimes stuffs me in the garbage can but always goes the extra mile to help me out with fashion;

    Of course, my parents for always making sure I get to MoJo’s safely;

    Miss Kaitlyn, who always supports me and occasionally gives me rides home;

    Jimmy, who is sometimes fickle but I love him anyway;

    Evie and Dixie, the 2 best girlfriends a girl has ever had;

    Bisquit, for always being ready to step in whenever Jimmy’s attention is elsewhere;

    (music playing in the background)…

    and of course Miss Megan, Miss Dawn, and everyone else at MoJo’s, who always love me and give me kisses and make sure I’m entertained and have lots of fun with my friends!

  3. I love your blogs and the red carpup was so much better than E.

  4. Toby Pitt says:

    Thank you for your vote–some pups may poo poo the Worst Dressed award, but I subscribe to the any publicity is good publicity adage. Love to get my photo and name out there anytime anywhere. Can’t argue with success.

    Thanks to all my fans and friends who love me regardless of my attire. Love to all the MoJo’s folks who make every day a holiday — you know who you are — love you all!

    A specail shout out to my one and only Maggie May. You looked fabulous in your pink.

  5. Bean says:

    That was wonderful girls. I will have to bring Spark-o-licious by there soon. J

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