What’s rest?

So my recovery week is going pretty well so far. Monday and Tuesday were lost to complete soreness. Monday, I could barely walk and Tuesday I had better mobility but I was still in a good bit of pain. When I woke up Wednesday, I was 98% better. There was still a touch of pain when I bent my legs at a deep angle, but normal stuff felt, well, normal. One curious thing…Tuesday night I woke up a couple of times soaked in sweat. It wasn’t the outside temperature, because the house was pretty cold and I still had to sleep under two blankets but it was like I had just gotten out of the pool. It was a lot of sweat. I even had to make sure that I had not relapsed 20-something years and peed in the bed. Maybe it was my body flushing out the inflammation from my legs, but the whole thing was strange and worth mentioning.

Wednesday I did a 30-min swim at Trousdell and some Personal Training with Ricky. He graciously left out any leg work and we did ropes, sustained overhead presses, a few abs and some pulling. It felt great to get my arms back in the game.

This morning I had my Extreme IndoRow class. I wasn’t sure how that was going to go as it is mostly legs and the girls in this class are pretty intense. I decided that I wanted to get my legs back in motion, so I would go but take it at my own pace and not worry about hitting 10,000 meters before the hour was up. Should’ve known better. While I did restrain myself from the sprints, my ego would not let go of the fact that I still wanted to get to 10,000 meters and wanted to keep my split time down (split time is a representation of how fast it takes you to go 500 meters in the “water”). My lower body was pretty spent after an hour of rowing. Brian (one of the owners’ husbands) asked me how I felt and my response came out, “tired.” He said that he’s very conscious of overtraining and that if my body was telling me that I was tired, I should take time off. I told him that I knew all that but that it was so hard. To which he replied, “But that’s part of the discipline. For an athlete like you, you probably have to discipline yourself to take rest days the same way a starting athlete has to discipline himself to workout.” So true. Even though I’ve been told it dozens of times, it still needs to be heard every now and then.

Tomorrow will be a 30-min swim (no PT because Ricky is sick. Jerritt advised me today that he is sick also. I’m drinking OJ like it’s going out of style and plan to sleep lots and lots to fend off the plague.) and Saturday, a slower 6 mile run. Sunday there will be some sort of early morning Death Race workout (Ricky is the architect on that one) and then a slow bike with Jerritt at the St. Marks park. Monday, I’m back in it full force…2-3 workouts a day…just call me crazy.


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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