Death Race Simulation

Yesterday, Ricky and I had our Official Death Race Workout #4 and 1st Death Race Simulation put together by Laurel. And I cannot say that she didn’t do her homework.

We got several emails leading up to the big event:

-Friday’s first email instructed us to meet at her house on Sunday at 8:30am and to bring snacks, hydration, gloves and a phone.

-Friday’s second email told us to bring a Bible and an anatomy book.

-Saturday’s first email said that things were “getting uglier by the moment” and to get plenty of sleep.

-Saturday’s second email advised that we may want to bring a change of clothes.

When we arrived Sunday morning, we were handed a note that simply said to take the wheelbarrows to the Boot Camp gym. Easy enough. It’s about a 3 mile trek from L’s house to the gym and though it was awkward at first, we were sufficiently warmed up by the time we arrived. Inside the gym, our next objectives were written on the board:

-100 sledgehammer slams on the tires

-200 kettlebell swings

-memorize 8 muscles in the posterior leg

-return to laurel’s house carrying our body weight in kettlebells

Oh, and before we could start, we had to find the sledgehammers hidden in The Bowl. The Bowl is a mostly dry retention pond hidden behind the businesses of Industrial Plaza Dr. I have lots of fond memories of The Bowl from the early Boot Camp days when we would take kettlebells and firehoses and run up and down the slopes between various exercises. Though it’s decently sized, it’s not so big as to take too long to locate 4 sledgehammers. The first one was laying in plain sight right by the entrance. Ricky found the second one not too long after. The third one took a little longer but Ricky located it in a tree. The last one took a lot of systematic search patterns and then trying to sight it from up high. At one point, I thought it must be buried but was assured that it was laying on the ground and that we had passed right by it several times. After much more searching, Laurel and Susan gave us warmer and colder directions until it was located, in plain sight, in the tall grass.

We ran back to the gym with our 2 sledgehammers each, knocked out the slams on the tires and worked on the kettlebell swings while I simultaneously worked on getting 8 leg muscles stuck in my brain. Ricky had the advantage here, having gone to nursing school. Before we were ready to pack up and leave the gym, we weighed ourselves on the scale and put the coordinating number of kettlebells into our wheelbarrows. Now loaded down with our much heavier hauls, we started trucking it back to Laurel’s. Ricky’s forearms were tired from the swings and I was just tired. But we are both troopers and sucked it up and wheeled down Capital Circle for the 2nd, but not last, time that morning.

We had to stop for a couple of breaks but assured ourselves that during the Death Race, it was going to be slow and steady that was going to get us across the finish line. We got several looks from passing cars as Capital Circle is one of the most highly trafficked streets in Tallahassee. At one intersection, there were guys collecting money for the Fire Academy and we would be seeing a lot of them. Ricky stopped to unload some $1s into one aspiring Firefighter’s boot.

Back at Laurel’s house, we were handed our second note that said something to the point of:

-Somehow I lost a bunch of rocks in my pool. Please help me get them out. One at a time. And it’s a good thing that your names don’t share common letters.

-Look up 2 Tim 4:7

-And I need the kettlebells back at the gym and the wheelbarrows back at my house.

To the pool it is. Hopefully you know my history with water, because it’s much to long to go into here. But as a short recap: I have a fear of drowning and I hate cold water. HATE it. On the table by the pool, were our names written on paper. Ricky dove right in and found that the rocks had, not letters, but numbers written on them. We were to find the numbers that corresponded to the letters in our names. Sounds like an easy enough task. Ricky got right on it and had his name mostly spelled out while I was adjusting to the shock of getting into 66 degree water. Yeah, might was well have been 12 degrees. There were several rocks left in the deepest end of the pool but my fear of drowning only allowed me to get within an arm’s reach of them before I panicked and had to resurface. Several tries later, Susan suggested that try for some of the shallower rocks first. But there were no rocks left in the shallow end. Thankfully, Ricky is a team player and transplanted my deeper rocks to a more manageable depth for me.

After the pool was rock-free, we headed back inside, changed and translated the passage:

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”

We refueled, grabbed our wheelbarrows, again, and began the journey back to the Boot Camp gym. I think the pool was a nice refresher for our bodies because we took fewer breaks on the way back. At the gym, we unloaded our bells, left the wheelbarrows (Ricky and Laurel had decided to use them on some unsuspecting Boot Campers that week) and ran back to the house. Ricky was feeling better than I because he pushed the pace. I just wanted to get it over with, so I kept up, stopping for water once on the way. At one point, Ricky suggested that we might have burpees waiting for us at the end. I said I was going to cry if we did. We had been going for something like 5 hours and while I had been feeling pretty good for most of the workout, the run was quickly draining all my reserves. Mercy was smiling upon me that day, though, because the end was the end and there were no burpees in sight. This time.

Thanks to Susan for supporting, cheering and keeping us hydrated! Thanks to Laurel for orchestrating the simulation and taking photos and videos of our adventure. See the video compilation on her blog here: Boot Camp Fitness and Training Blog. I look forward to your monthly Death Race simulations and have no doubt that you’ll have us ready for the real thing in June.

As for the week leading up to Sunday:

-Thursday, Feb 24th: Rowing Class. I did not get to 10,000 meters at my goal time and didn’t feel too strong. My heart wasn’t in it that day.

-Friday, Feb 25th: 16 mile run on the trails. We got a late start for our long run (a big thanks to Stacey for making it possible at all!) and only got in 16 of the planned 18 miles. But after a month of running on the roads and considering that this was our first long run after my marathon, I’d say we did pretty well on those trails. It was dark for the last half of our second loop and though we had headlamps, I still took a dive face-first after getting my toe stuck under a root. It didn’t hurt,I have no bruises to prove it and I’m very thankful that it went down like that instead of with an ankle twist.

-Saturday, Feb 26th: Death Race Skill Work. Ricky and I were supposed to meet to sit in a freezing lake and learn to tie knots. There was a little hitch in that plan, though, because once we got to the lake, it was pleasantly warm and the water was not too bad at all. We stayed on the shore and learned the Zepplin knot, the Figure-8 knot and I learned a Timber hitch, which is supposed to be good for hauling a log.

-Sunday, (post-Death Race workout) I was supposed to meet up with Mike to bike at 2pm. It was going to be an easy 20 miles just to get re-acquainted with the bike after a winter of spin classes. I knew that we were going to be going hard that morning, but had no idea it was going to go that long. It was about 2pm by the time I got home and didn’t have it in me to go back out and bike. For the rest of the day I was walking a little stiff legged, my traps were a mess and I was generally fatigued all over. Even my brain was in need of some R&R. Jerritt and I took it easy, took a nap and ate a lot of food. I think my bikes are going to have to be on Saturdays if this past workout was any indication of how Sundays are going to go from now on.

-Today, my lower back muscles and butt muscles are pretty sore. My right knee screams when I apply any kind of a squat-like load on it. I had to pamper no less than 5 blisters on my feet and hands last night and I still feel a little fatigued all over. Considering all we did yesterday, I’m pretty happy to be on my feet and moving as well as I am.

-Did a quick 950 meters in the pool. 250 of warm-up and skill work, 250 at a moderate pace, 250 sprints and 200 of skill work and cool down.

-PT right after: Ball slams, tricep curls, bird dogs and pushing up a wall with my back while holding an aqua bag.

Back to 2-a-days for tri training. Ho hum, that should be cake after my Death Race weekend.


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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2 Responses to Death Race Simulation

  1. Susan says:

    AMAZING!!!!!! Loved the Golden retriever that wanted to help you with your tasks!!

  2. Michelle says:

    “Death race” sounds more and more like “death wish.” Especially that wheel barrel action on capital circle, I’m one of those drivers that would yell, “WTH Are you people doing?” LOL. Crazy girl.

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