Weekly training


-Long swim. 250 meters of warm-up and skill work. 250 of moderate intensity, 250 sprints, 250 moderate intesity, 250 sprints. 250 skill work and cool down. 45 mins total (pretty fast for me). My stroke feels like it’s coming together, though I think my hips are still too low. Time to schedule some time with the coach and see what’s what.

-Went to St. Marks for bike intervals but they have the 1st 5 miles closed for construction. So I went home and did pull-ups, planks, ab work, and wide squats.


-PT with Ricky. Pushing the weighted sled, pulling the tire, push presses, assisted pull-ups and some planks for good measure.

-6 mile run. 3 miles out were slow: about 9 minute miles. Came back doing about 7’s. 7’s felt good for the first 2 1/2 then I struggled to keep up and ate Ricky’s dust at the end.

-10 mins of sledgehammer slams on the tire with a 12lb hammer. Focused on precision hitting and coming down hard enough to split a log. Once I’m able to do 30mins of this after PT, I’m ready to try my skills on some real wood. Anyone need logs split and quartered?


-Short swim. 250 warm up and skill. 250 moderate pace. 250 sprints. 200 skill. 50 easy.

-Row Class. Made it to 10,000 meters in about 46-47 minutes. Worked on keeping my split time below 2:10 the entire time and really pulling with my arms at the end of each movement. I’ve been using my legs to get there faster, hardly ever feeling the row in my shoulders or arms. Today, I was ripping the “oars” and hope to be sore in my upper back tomorrow 🙂

Tomorrow: Long run (20 miles on trails).

Saturday: 20 mile bike with Mike; Death Race meeting with Dawn, Chris, Jerritt, Laurel and Ricky; and Death Race Skill Work (diving to retrieve in Laurel’s pool).

Sunday: a truly terrifying Death Race workout. Ricky says that we are going to do:

-1 hr 10 mins of stadium stairs with a tire

-eat 1 dozen hard-boiled eggs

-another 1 hr 10 mins of stadium stairs with a tire

-a lap of burpees at the track

(Disclaimer: this is the plan, whether I live to complete it is something entirely different.)


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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