Updates: workouts, knee pain and Death Race

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’m been busy and tired and all-around lazy when it comes to thinking about blogging. But let me catch you up really quick:

You know that I saw Kim Ortloff last week and was told I was okay to resume training.

Wednesday, I did PT with Ricky and then walked for 10 mins and jogged for 10 mins as prescribed by Kim. I had no soreness in the knees which was an encouraging sign. I also followed up by going to her Stretching Your Life class that night to reinforce the stretches in my brain. I’ve been doing an hour of stretching every night since [followed by 30 mins-1 hour of rolling and then 30 mins of icing the knees (as you can see, I’m very dedicated to getting back on track!)].

Thursday morning, I went to the rowing class at Sweat Therapy. It felt great as always until we finished and I started having some soreness in my knees. Frown. That continued into the next afternoon and cost me a run on Friday. I’ve decided to nix rowing until I’m completely pain free. I think going at a moderate pace would have been fine, but I can’t help but push myself in that class surrounded by those strong people!

Friday, I had PT with Ricky again. He devised this evil exercise where you pull the ropes really taught and use small, fast movements to keep them moving. Ouch.

Saturday, I biked about 28 miles with Karen. Easy pace and no knee pain, yay!

Sunday was a Death Race Workout with Ricky.

The first 3,000 reps was very reminiscent of our 7,000 Reps of Doom workout. We just steadily ticked off reps by the 200’s.

That was followed by 3 sets of 15 minutes on the ropes then a farmer’s walk around the block. Regarding the ropes, we just had to keep them moving, using whichever exercises we needed to use to get through it. There was a 30 second sprint at the end of each where we used the pull-taught-and-move-fast method. Regarding the farmer’s walks, we started out heavy. I took 2 30lb kettlebells and I think Ricky took 45’s. The block is about half a mile. We had to stop a lot. First round took me about 24 minutes (Ricky a little less). The second time around, I went down to 25’s and I think Ricky did 40’s. We stopped less but it still was killer on the forearms. That time around took me 21 mins. The third time around took 19 minutes (I think).

At this point, I believe we were 4 hours into the workout. We banged out the next 1,000 reps pretty quickly. Then we had 2 sets of 10 minute overhead holds. Remember these?

The first 10 minutes was like something out of a horror movie. It was utter torture. But, time ticked down and I was able to hold my bar. The next 10 minutes was considerably easier (that’s not to say EASY) and went by much quicker.

We finished up with a farmer’s walk around the block carrying a little over 20% of our body weight. This time we didn’t have to stop at all and made record time. Forearms still burned, but after what we had just completed, it was a cinch. Total time: about 5 hours and 45 minutes.

3 hours later, we met at the stadium and I did my prescribed 10 min walk and 20 min jog while Ricky did an hour of stadium steps with the tire. We left feeling pretty good and were encouraged that we’d had a long day and were still smiling.

And on this subject, there are only 78 more days until the Death Race. I was supposed to be coming up on my 1st 30-mile run this weekend, but the knees have put me way behind. Once the pain is gone for a week, I can start back at 13 miles and add from there. If all goes well and the 13-miler hits next weekend, I can get up to 27 miles before the race. Not where I wanted to be at all. I had planned 3 30-milers before the DR and am less confident now that I won’t have that time on the trails. But part of the Death Race is dealing with the unexpected, so I’m sucking it up.

Monday, I had a 30min swim and attempted to do my walk/jog but had some knee pain. I stopped as per Kim’s advice and walked back. Soreness returned and stayed through Tuesday.

Tuesday was an off day.

Yesterday, I did PT – lots of planking – and Ricky and I did walking/jogging. We went out to Lafayette Heritage and saw 3 alligators while we were out (and what Ricky claims was a water chicken). There were not many people around and we caught 1 gator off guard (he splashed into the water as we approached), saw 1 small one in the water already and came up on one very large one sunning on the bank. Pretty cool 🙂 I went to stretching class at 6 and seem to have loosened up some things in my week of home-stretching. Though I’m not any more flexible, stretches that previous hurt were not that bad this time. Plus, Kim told me that there would be hills and valleys in my knee pain. She said that was pretty normal and to keep stretching and icing. Hearing this was helpful because previously, I had been discouraged that I wasn’t getting better. But it sounds to me that I can be recovering even though the pain is still present.

Today, I was supposed to get up at 5am to swim and then bike. But I have only been getting about 5-6 hours of sleep a night for the past 5 nights and opted to get some recovery sleep rather than push in another workout. Heal, body, heal!


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I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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3 Responses to Updates: workouts, knee pain and Death Race

  1. Laurel says:

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. Nick and I did the Farmer’s Walks around the block last week after our workout. Tons of fun!

  2. dawn says:

    this is a test of that mental strength. i am so proud of you for following your plan for healing!!

  3. Eversoris says:

    i missed rowing class this morning due to immediately falling back asleep after turning off the alarm.

    have you ever heard that old adage about if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

    the same can be applied to chickens.

    we saw a water chicken. and heard it as well. don’t pretend like it was all me.

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