No sleep for the Death Racers.

Monday: I walked/jogged to the Boot Camp gym (less than a mile), had PT with Ricky – ropes leaning back on the Bosu ball, chain pulls, wall ball, overhead medicine ball taps on the bar and planks. Jogged back.

Tuesday: Took a 2 hour nap instead of going to my long swim. Can’t seem to catch up on sleep.


PT – ropes on the Bosu, chain pulls, bench presses, deadman drags.

6 mile run – my first run of any distance in about a month. Had to keep a slow pace because I could feel any speed in my knee. Around mile 2, I felt some soreness, but slowed down and had no trouble for the rest of the run.

We saw 3 alligators while out there and Ricky saved a dog from certain doom. Apparently it is close to mating season and the gators are really active. On the 2nd half of our run, we saw one really close to the bank in shallow water. Ricky wanted to take a picture of him so after we finished, we grabbed his phone and went back to peninsula. By this time, a couple was standing by the inlet throwing a stick in the water for their 60lb dog. Ricky and I conversed for a second about whether or not they knew there was a gator about 300 ft away. He took some pictures and then we saw the gator go into stealth mode. The imposing 6-footer started with a purpose towards the unsuspecting mark. Ricky warned the couple, they got their dog safely out of the water and there was much picture taking after (seeing as how the gator was now a lot closer). What a hero.

So all this made me late for my stretching class. I went home, showered, ate dinner and passed out. I did get about 10 hours of sleep but didn’t stretch or ice. This morning, there is a little soreness in my left knee. I’ll be icing like crazy during the day and hope that it’s back under control by Friday night because Laurel is doing our Death Race workout in the wee hours of Saturday morning and this is the email that I got from her today:

Here is the deal. You can’t go to bed until midnight. I will call you sometime during the night and then you have 20mins to meet me at the gym.
Bring the following:
$25.00 (bills are fine)
English to Spanish dictionary.
A couple changes of clothes.
Something to swim in.
Goggles if you need them
Food to last through the night
Backpacks (obviously)
Oh, add Driver’s License to that, just in case you get stopped by the “man”
And then she added this:
Just finalized the workout and it is a nightmare.

About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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