When there’s no weather, it’s just atmosphere.

Dedicated to Thor:

Wonder why the blogging stopped after the Death Race? Well, that’s a simple answer: because my training stopped. I had a nice month off (as promised to myself from myself) from all training and when I thought I could pick back up with a nice 5 mile run, my knees told me otherwise. I fell back on active isolated stretches but even that didn’t help my knees to heal. I had pretty much given up on long distance running, telling myself I can get by with 3 mile runs more frequently when the weather turned cool and I felt the pull of the trails. But even having doubled my intake of glucosamine and fish oil, I couldn’t get my knees past a 3 mile road block. Then, I got a message from my former Death Race training buddy saying that he would be back in Tallahassee for the marathon in February and wouldn’t I like to join him? Of course I would! Just gotta get these knees going again. I made an appointment with a kinesiologist recommended by a running friend and he straightened some things, realigned some things and gave me a couple of stretches and exercises to do at home. I’m now up to 6 miles before the knee pain hits, but that’s a far cry from 26.2 miles with just 3.5 months until race day.

As for my Tough Mudder training? You guessed it…non-existent. I did write up a work-out plan. I did start it and last for 2 weeks. Then, I fell off the wagon, it ran me over as it sped forward, and I’m just an all around lazy bum now. I really did think that I could workout on my own. I thought, “I can bike without paying for Sweat Therapy rides.” I thought, “I can do upper body without going to Boot Camp.” I thought, “I know what needs to be done and I have an event coming up, so that’s my motivator.” Nope, nope, and no. Really? I know myself better, I was just pulling the wool over my own hopeful eyes. In order for me to workout, I need 1 of 3 things (preferably more): 1) a paid membership to a good workout program 2) a very real and exciting or scary deadline (a race) or 3) a training partner who is motivated and dependable to meet me at designated times. I think most people are like me in this respect. So, I’ve signed up for Kettlebells at Boot Camp Fitness and Training and finally got Jerritt on the hook for a century bike ride next year. Am I pretty excited? Yeah. Am I barely able to move after Tuesday’s Kettlebell Skills Clinic? Most definitely. We will be biking 3 days a week, Kettlebelling 3 nights a week and I will hopefully be running 3 or more times also. I haven’t given up hope for that marathon, Thor, but I’m pretty sure the 3:30 is out of the question. Miss you and our 4am, 18-mile runs.


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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1 Response to When there’s no weather, it’s just atmosphere.

  1. Eversoris says:

    Thanks for wiping the dust off this for your fans. Some nice memories scattered through this, remember when we worked out so hard my shirt slowly disintegrated and became a head wrap? Definitely miss all the long runs, Paco.

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