I <3 Paleo

I have drunk the Paleo Kool-Aid and have found it most refreshing. I’m so freaking excited about this new lifestyle. I spend an obscene amount of time on Paleo blogs, I’m obsessed with everything coconut, and I’m looking at food processors that stray into the $300 range (a girl can dream…). Even last week, I felt myself become elated when while grocery shopping, I found a bottle of No Sugar Added Ketchup. Score. Why am I so excited about No Sugar Added Ketchup? I honestly don’t know. If I had to venture a guess, maybe it’s because I’ve always loved food and am always thinking about food.

This is how bad it can get: I love seeing food in movies. Sometimes, I will put in a DVD and flip to the scene where they are serving food. Don’t believe me? My favorite part of Ponyo? When they make the bowls of Ramen. My favorite part of Twister? When they go to Aunt Meg’s house and cook up steak and eggs. I don’t even like steak. Most likely, if I’ve seen a movie, I can tell you what foods were eaten in which scenes. I’m just weird.

Remember when I first started doing triathlons? The thing I enjoyed most is that we had to travel to Panama City or Jacksonville for the events. Panama City = Volcano Nachos at Margaritaville and Toasted Coconut ice cream at Kilwin’s. Jacksonville = what else? Cheesecake Factory. Please excuse my Homerism here, but mmmmglargerahhhh…Cheesecake Factory… Plus, food just tastes so much better after a race. It’s a fact.

So, is this Paleo thing just an excuse to feed my gastronomic obsession by looking at pictures of food, googling recipes, meandering down the produce aisles, or constantly shoveling massive amounts of fruits and veggies into my mouth? Perhaps. Is it a little over the top that I’m already deciding on what date-based delicious snack to prepare and stow in my suitcase for my summer trips? Likely. Is this an innocent way to spend my time and a healthier obsession than others? Definitely. I love these Paleo people, their Paleo food and their love of working out. I think we have the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

P.S. Just a warning. I can definitely see myself becoming one of those people who take pictures of their food and blog or Facebook about it. You know those people. I just can’t help it. I love food.

Random pictures of me eating:

Volcano Nachos. Told you.

Massive food after the Death Race.

Flat Stanley. Wait, I didn't really eat Flat Stanley. No Flat Stanleys were harmed during the taking of this picture.


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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3 Responses to I <3 Paleo

  1. dawn says:

    Love the pics!!! So funny!! Love Paleo!! Love Me(gan!!)

  2. I didn’t know you were blogging again. I missed so much! I gotta make sure I’m subscribed to get updates. Love your blogs!

  3. Megan says:

    Yay! Not as exciting as the Death Race stuff but I still like talking about my training 🙂

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