Fast Runs

You may be thinking to yourself, “I can tell by her blogs that she’s doing a lot of eating…and not a lot of training.” Well, pat yourself on the back; you’re right 🙂

I came back from Orlando at the beginning of the month with a sore throat. I knew I was getting sick but was cheerfully optimistic about recovery time. I trained through it like a zombie through a shopping mall. Put my head down, charged forth and kept on keeping on. You’d be correct to guess that this didn’t help me get over the plague. At. All. It continued to worsen to the point where I couldn’t work out and it would have been rude to do so (what with the coughing, hacking and mucus-ing everywhere). So I took a week off, and then a week easy. Now, I’m back into things.

Friday was a fast 7-mile run with Joe. Let me tell you a little something about Joe. When I agreed to train with him, I told him I was a slow runner. He said that wouldn’t be a problem because the distances we were doing required a slower pace. Perfect. Easy. Thanks, Joe. But now I have to rescind that thanks because none of the runs we have done have been slow. Or easy. I like to be pushed, but hope that here soon we are finally going to run those 10-minute miles I was promised. Joe? Did you hear that?

Friday: 7 miles on trail at an 8:32 pace. That’s fast for me even at 3 miles.

Saturday: (keep in mind this is after a fast run Fri night, then Kettlebell class an hour later) About 11.5 miles on trail at a 9:08 pace. Woo and hoo! What a great run. Though I did have to admit to Joe that there was one point I threw up in my mouth a little. He said he was close to the same. I think this friendship just may work.

Oh, did you think you were going to get away without a Paleo update? Un-pat your back; you were wrong.

The lightheadedness is gone and my skin is looking better. Not that I had yucky skin to begin with, but I’ll confess a semi-embarrassing secret to you: one of the major reasons I wanted to try Paleo was that I was waking up in the morning and looking old. Wait, wait, I know I’m not 18 anymore and I’m not trying to hold onto youth forever, but I’ll face the facts, it was enough to make me frown which wasn’t making me look any better.

Out of bed, I had puffiness, I saw dark circles for the first time and my skin was blotchy and ugh. After a couple of hours, the blood meandered back to my face or some other such science wizardry and I would look like myself again. I don’t know how I connected that to eating…salt and bloating or not enough nutrients or irritated skin, but I had an inkling that Paleo may just keep the puffiness at bay, which it did! It’s a miracle! These days I look the same out of bed as I do the rest of the day, my skin is getting glow-ier, my pores are less gunky and I feel more 28 than 40.

Because blogs are just better with photos, here is a dramatic re-enactment of my mornings before Paleo:

"Who is THAT?!"

"If this were Delta, I would get charged $75 for those bags!"


And a mere 18 days on Paleo:

Rock on, cavemen.

The Fountain of Youth not enough for you? Well, here’s more: my teeth feel cleaner. Is that even a Paleo thing? I don’t know, but by the end of the day on Standard American Diet (yep, that’s right, the food that the rest of you are eating has an acronym that spells SAD), my teeth felt coated with a grainy film. Who’s the culprit? Is it you, Sugar? Or you, Wheat? Whoever dunnit, nowadays my teeth feel clean from brushing to brushing which I enjoy immensely. Yucky teeth are the worst.

P.S. I apologize for the bombardment of blogs. I’ve never subscribed to that theory that more is better. One blog a week is the perfect number for me, not too much for me to write, not too much for you to read. Believe me, I don’t fancy myself so important as to imagine you are just sitting there, refreshing my blog, on the edge of your seat as to what I’m eating for dinner. I’m just super jazzed about this Paleo thing; I want to shout it from my little blog platform! And when I get excited about something, I want to share it with everyone I love. So, consider this a big compliment that I love you and want you to be healthy too. Hopefully, once the novelty wears off, the blogs will taper back to a one-a-week deal, but also hopefully, I will never lose this zeal for Paleo 🙂


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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8 Responses to Fast Runs

  1. Laurel says:

    I love you Meg!!

  2. Dawn says:

    You could afford southwest with your bags, O’Malley!! LOL! Funny blog. Enjoyed every minute. Joe keeps telling me, by the way, that YOU are pushing HIM!! Too funny!

  3. Megan says:

    Love you too, L!

  4. Megan says:

    thanks, o’d! i don’t know who’s pushing who, but it’s trouble when we get together…

  5. I wish I could run…or do pull ups or just anything.

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