Oh yeah, the training.

Usually, the lack of training blogs corresponds to my lack of training. I’m happy to report it is not so in this case. I’ve been averaging 3 Kettlebell workouts, 3 Sweat Therapy sessions, 1 7-mile run and 1 long run every week. Since healing up from my ankle mishap, I’ve put in an 18-miler and am set to go out this morning for a 20. Runs, for the most part, have felt good and my legs are holding up to the battering. I think I’ve finally found the right amount of cross training and running to keep my knee problems in check.

Some fun things:

I did the TPD’s TAC Team’s physical fitness challenge at Boot Camp yesterday and finished under the 7-minute time limit. Involved: a weighted vest, burpees, sled pull/push, a gas mask, shuttle run and some very fiery muscles.

Laurel and me with our finisher's trophies.

I found a hydration system to wear on the long runs and at the 50K race.

Nathan Intensity Women's Hydration Vest

It is very comfy, moves with you, doesn’t dig into the shoulders and kept my 18-miler feeling nice and breezy. Very impressive review from someone who doesn’t like to run with ANYthing.

Paleo is still going splendidly. I’m getting into some good habits and it doesn’t feel like pulling teeth anymore. I had one run in with some donuts last Sunday, but a day and a half of feeling like a puffed up sugar pastry left me with incentive not to go down that route again for a while.

There you have it! Short and sweet for this Sunday blog. Much love to you all!


About Megan

I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports
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2 Responses to Oh yeah, the training.

  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome job on the TAC team thing…are you doing the death race at Boot, me wonders?

  2. Megan says:

    no, I’m going to be on the giving end this time!

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