About the Blog

Formally, I was a dog blogger, blogging/bragging about my four dogs and my “step” dogs at the doggie daycare I manage. Then, I was a Death Racer, blogging about my training and everything leading up to the 44 hours I spent hiking, crawling, climbing and suffering in the woods of Pittsfield, Vermont.

So now what? I’ve spent too much time trying to define myself in so many words: a dog mom, a racer, a runner, a paleo noob, a blogger. I am all these things plus more. Also, I’m 85% sure that the only ones reading my blog are friends and family and you guys know me pretty well. You know I love to write. And when I write, I use lots of parentheses and exclaimation points. Oh, and smiley faces. So this is Just Me.

I don't always have a mustachio.

About Me(gan)

A little about my past: Born in South Korea. Adopted and brought to the U.S. four days after my first birthday. Raised in the Florida panhandle. Graduated from FSU (Go Noles!). Majored in Psychology. Minored in American Sign Language. Have 20 hours towards my private pilot’s license. Raced triathlons (sprint to 70.3). Finished the Death Race in Pittsfield, VT, 2011.


A little about my present: Believes Florida is the best. Chronically working out. Owned by three dogs. Manages a doggie daycare (MoJo’s Backyard). Owns a business with my best friend, Dawn Jones, called the BFF Dog Ranch. Training for a 50K. Eating clean and loving it (no dairy, grains, legumes, fake sugar, alcohol). Would be a vegetarian if I could figure out how to do so, keep up my training and not get injured.

Me, MoJo & Dawn

A little about me: I’m generally happy. I like to be nice. I can’t follow a TV show with a plot. I ❤ zombies. I could watch Twister all day every day (I’m not sayin’ it’s a great movie. I’m sayin’ I love it). If I’m not working, hanging with the dogs, working out, eating or sleeping, I’m probably reading. I prefer non-fiction and classical literature. I sleep in my contacts. I love lists. I have the world’s worst memory. I can’t wear high heels. I HATE the cold. I’m a potted plant serial killer. I love Bacon. That’s right, with a capital “B.” Bacon, Bacon, Bacon.

Those You Need to Know About

Jerritt: My doggies' daddy, essential support crew and good sport.

Dawn and Chris: best buds, business cohorts, doggie gurus and all around good people.

Paco Taco (2004-2011): The love of my life, hounddog #1, and jibbity-jabber extraordinare.

Chloe: Sweetie moo, popcorn lover, and cuddle bunny.

Misha: toy brat, smarty pants, and world's most beautiful rottie.

Tetsy: tip-toer, mama's boy, and squirrel lover.


2 Responses to About the Blog

  1. dawn says:

    you ain’t nothing but a hound dog o’malley. ;oD

  2. Bill Dillon says:

    Thanks for all that the Mojo’s crew does…Maggie and Grady love it!

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