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I live and work with dogs in Tallahassee, Fl. My loves are in this order: 1. Dogs 2. Food 3. Coffee 4. Endurance Sports

7 days till 50k

This time next week I will be well into my first 50k. Hopefully, I will be just about finished with my first lap and looking forward to my second. Last weekend, Joe and I took a field trip out to … Continue reading

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Say It With Me: Strong, Not Skinny.

I’ve been¬†embarrassingly¬†addicted to Pintrest lately. I put off jumping on the bandwagon for a long time, but once I started organizing my life by photos, I was hooked. I love organizing. I love photos. What’s not to love about Pintrest? … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, the training.

Usually, the lack of training blogs corresponds to my lack of training. I’m happy to report it is not so in this case. I’ve been averaging 3 Kettlebell workouts, 3 Sweat Therapy sessions, 1 7-mile run and 1 long run … Continue reading

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A Very Significant Event

It happened. And not in a planned out, carefully structured kinda way, but in a whirlwind turned snowball-rolling-downhill turned Abominable-Snowman-on-crack kinda way. Yesterday was The day, as we all know. Jerritt and I do not celebrate The day because I … Continue reading

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OH MY GOD, CAN YOU TELL I’M EXCITED?!?!?! Sorry for the shouting, but this is the best. The very, very best. You know those girls in the little brown uniforms are going to be out and about soon, peddling their … Continue reading

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Muffin of Evil

No fewer than five people have told me how amazing Tomato Land is. That’s quite impressive A) for Tallahassee and B) considering I don’t know that many people. So when I found myself starving, on my way home and about … Continue reading

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Sugar Monster Shrinkage

I’ve become master of myself. The frenzied outings for ice cream and cookies have ceased. And not just because I don’t eat that stuff anymore, but because the cravings have become manageable. Manageable means that they’re still there – passing … Continue reading

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